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Discover the Northern part of Corsica - long version, including Porto

15 days / 14 nights
Corsica - Leisure cycling - Self-guided - E-bike - Self-guided
Without guide - Mobile app

Last updated: 06/12/2023

price from
~1983 £ [2360 €] per pers.

This tour takes you through the entire Northern region of the island, and lets you discover some of the most beautiful Corsican landscapes.
Corsica is known for its extreme contrasts and wonderful landscapes. This tour will show you just how amazing they really are, and what a great cycling potential our island has to offer!
Not only that on each stage you can choose different routes, but you will also enjoy this unique variety of surroundings; from beautiful coastal roads, to small, twisty mountain pass roads.
You will ride around the "Cap Corse", cross the "désert des Agriates", discover the small villages of the interior, and alos the beautiful bay of Porto... just loads of unforgettable pictures.
Corsica surely won't leave you indifferent!

Prepare your trip

Your day by day program


The tour starts in the afternoon, in Bastia. Once you've dropped your belongings at the hotel, you should have some time to visit the main city of Northern Corsica. We suggest you take a look at the Citadelle, the old harbour and its surroundings (also a good place for dinner), and maybe drink a coffee on one of the largest European squares, the place St. Nicolas.

Night in a **hotel.

The "Cap Corse"

The first stage leads you around the Corsican cape. A beautiful coastal road, gentle climbs through the interior before reaching the west coast and its stunning cliffs.

Approximate distance choices:
59km (D+ : 1071m ; D- : 794m ; Min. : 1m ; Max. : 381m)
or 79km (D+ : 1357m ; D- : 1081m ; Min. : 1m ; Max. : 358m)

Night in a charming village.

St Florent

Today you will ride southwards, towards St Florent and its chic harbour. If you cross the village of Patrimonio, you should stop for a wine tasting. The area has a lot of good wines. On the climbs you have great views over the bay of St Florent.

Approximate distance choices:
31km (D+ : 401m ; D- : 699m ; Min. : 2m ; Max. : 306m)
or 48km (D+ : 911m ; D- : 1212m ; Min. : 5m ; Max. : 524m)

Night in a Hotel**, in St Florent.

The Corsican desert ("désert des Agriates")

Now you will head towards the Balagne. After a few kilometres and a last look over the bay of St Florent, you will cross the desert des Agriates. No sandy dunes but low vegetation and unspoilt views. After a sweet descent you leave the desert and get ready for some lovely climbs into the mountain area of the Balagne.

Approximate choice of distances:
48km (D+ : 843m ; D- : 642m ; Min. : 1m ; Max. : 363m)
or 80km (D+ : 1531m ; D- : 1330m ; Min. : 1m ; Max. : 683m)

Night in a hotel***, not far from Île-Rousse.

The villages of the Balagne

Today's stage will lead you through beautiful local villages (with enchanting names such as Sant'Antonio or Santa Reparata), down to Calvi (a beautiful port town with one of the nicest Citadels), before reaching your hotel in Galeria, a small fishing village.

Approximate choice of distances:
66km (D+: 776m ; D-: 991m ; Min.: 1m ; Max.: 220m)
or 78km (D+ : 1114m ; D- : 1353m ; Min. : 0m ; Max. : 531m)

Night in a small fishing village.

To the bay of Porto

Heading southwards again, you'll ride on a splendid coastal road (probably the nicest of its kind), offering amazing views over the Mediterranean sea. On the way you can catch a sight over the bay of Girolata (a protected area with great biodiversity). Finally you will reach the coastal resort of Porto.

Approximate distance: 51km (D+ : 921m ; D- : 903m ; Min. : 5m ; Max. : 411m)

Night in a hotel**.


Today the program is up to you; whether you just stay at the beach to relax, or you grab your bike and ride to the "Calanques de Piana" (stunning rock formation). You could also go for a boat trip to visit the Scandoal nature reserve - a UNESCO world heritage site.

Night in the same hotel.

Into the mountains

This stage isn't that long, but constantly climbing. You'll ride through the Spelunca gorge, the village of Evisa, through the Aitone forest up until the "col de Vergio" (1477m). A few minutes away you'll find your hotel, just in front of a little ski resort.

Approximate distance: 35km (D+ : 1608m ; D- : 181m ; Min. : 35m ; Max. : 1478m)

Night and dinner in an hotel inland.

The Niolu

Todays stage leads you more towards the centre of the island. Mostly downhill it goes (some kind of compensation for yesterdays climbing) through the Valdo-Niello forest, a few villages and finally the breathtaking Scala Santa Regina (a twisty narrow road). A final climb can't be avoided before reaching Corte, the historical capital of Corsica.

Distance: 52km (D+ : 455m ; D- : 1438m ; Min. : 340m ; Max. : 1412m)

Night in a hotel** in Corte.


Free program today. Maybe you take the time to visit this small city, ancient capital of the island during the independence under Pascal Paoli (1755-1769). It hosts the Corsican University and museum, the Citadel also is worth seeing. If you prefer cycling, you can ride up the gorges of the Restonica (partly 14%) until the shepherd huts of Grotelle, not far from the famous GR20 trek. If it is too steep you can stop earlier to take a refreshing bathe in the Restonica river.

Night in the same hotel.

Down to the East coast

You will follow (more or less, depending on the route you've chosen) the Tavignanu river down to Aleria, an ancient Roman city. Always be careful on high speed downhill sections (and not only in this area), because cows, pigs, goats and other animals, contrary to the humans, are numerous and love to stand in the middle of the road.
Once in Aleria you can visit the Roman Museum and the old fortress, or rather relax a bit in the nearby Spa resort, located directly on the beach (a transfer with the hotel bus is possible).

Approximate distance choices: 48km (D+: 48m ; D-: 484m ; Min.: 4m ; Max.: 439m)
or 60km (D+ : 848m ; D- : 1271m ; Min. : 3m ; Max. : 782m)

Night in a hotel***, in Aleria.


This place has a very old history; built by the Greeks, Alalia was conquered and renamed Aleria by the Romans in 259 BC. You can visit the Roman museum, the old therms or the archaeological site. Spending some time at the beach (3Km away) is an alternative, or even better you could ride (transfer with the hotel bus possible) to the nearby Spa resort, located directly on the beach, for a full relaxation programme (sauna, hammam, massage).

Night in the same hotel.

The "Costa Verde"

Heading northwards today, you will quickly find yourself climbing again. Avoiding the main road along the coast is the best option (too much traffic and not much to see). As you've probably already noticed most of the inhabitants have left the interior villages, and on your way you'll see historical witnesses of the ancient times; churches, convents, abandoned sheepherds huts.

Approximate distance: 57 km (D+ : 1431m ; D- : 1414m ; Min. : 1m ; Max. : 702m)

Night in a hotel or guest room.

The "Castagniccia"

The area you'll cross today owes its name to the massive chestnut tree planting by the Genoese in the middle-age. As you guess the region is densley forested and also has some very old buildings, which will give you an insight into the past generations that lived here. Some gentle climbs will make your heart beat faster. Finally, to end the stage and the trip, you'll easily "roll" until your last accommodation, located a few metres from the beach near the Bastia/Poretta airport.

Distances: 32 km (D+: 94m ; D-: 91m ; Min.: 2m ; Max.: 59m)
52 km (D+: 743m ; D-: 740m ; Min.: 2m ; Max.: 367m)
or 72 km (D+: 1627m ; D-: 1624m ; Min.: 9m ; Max.: 736m)

Night in a hotel***, at the Marana.

End of the tour

The program ends after the breakfast. A transfer to the airport or Bastia is possible (on request).

Departure board

Daily starts from April to October

Technical information

Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Starting point is Bastia, in the morning.
  • On day 15, after the breakfast.
  • In 3-star hotels and guest-houses, in double rooms.
Number of people
  • From 2 participants
Level of difficulty
  • Stages from 20-30Km to 65-75Km, with usually gentle climbs and a few steeper parts.
  • Your luggage is transfered from one accommodation to the next by car. You just take with you what you need for the stage.
  • Supplement for a single room : 720€
  • Supplement for June / September departures : 120€
  • Supplement for July / August departures : 294€
  • Hybrid bike rental  : 310€
  • Electric bike rental  : 410€
  • Aluminium road bike rental  : 495€
  • Carbon road Bike rental  : 680€
  • Luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation.
  • Bed and breakfast in hotels and guest-houses
  • All breakfasts
  • Diner on day 8.
  • Information package with maps and road-books on our app (a smartphone is required).
  • Local assistance by phone
Not included
  • Transfers to the starting point and from the end point of the program
  • Insurances
  • Meals (except breakfasts and diner on day 8) and drinks
  • The bike rental
  • Everything not mentioned on the "included" part


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